Additional NIMBY Resources

Place Attachment: Advances in Theory, Methods and Applications
Book edited by Lynne Manzo and Patrick Devine-Wright exploring the emotional bonds that form between people and their physical surroundings. The book looks at how place attachments can have an affect on issues such as placemaking and displacement, mobility and migration, intergroup conflict, civic engagement, social housing and urban redevelopment, natural resource management and global climate change.
Explaining “NIMBY” Objections to a Power Line: The Role of Personal, Place Attachment and Project-Related Factors
Article published in Environment and Behavior by Patrick Devine-Wright exploring the relationship between public opposition toward new energy infrastructure and the role of place attachments.
Psychological Parameters to Understand and Manage the NIMBY Effect
Article published in the European Review of Applied Psychology by Pol, Di Masso, Castrechini, Bonet, and Vidal that reviews the literature for descriptions of NIMBYism and includes recommendations for NIMBY conflict management from the standpoint of social psychology theories.
NIMBYism vs. Social Inclusion: Local Communities and Illicit Drugs
Article Published in Youth Studies Australia by Philip Mendes looking at use of the terms ‘community’ and ‘community development’ in the context of debates about illicit drugs and decisions about the inclusion and exclusion of illicit drug users in communities.
The Limitations of the NIMBY Concept for Understanding Public Engagement with Renewable Energy Technologies: A Literature Review
Paper produced by Kate Burningham, Julie Barnett and Diana Thrush examining the origins and evolution of the use of the NIMBY concept and describing limitations of the concept.
Close to the Edge, Down by the River? Joining up Managed Retreat and Place Attachment in a Climate Changed World
Commentary published in Environment and Planning by Julian Agyeman, Patrick Devine-Wright, and Julia Prange looking at the relationship between place attachment and climate change.
Global Environmental Values and Local Contexts of Action
Article published in Sociology by Kate Burningham and Martin O’Brien exploring the underlying differences in the meanings of environmental concepts as understood by ‘experts’ and ‘non-experts’ in the context of developing policies on environmental management and regulation.
The Triumph of the NIMBY in Urban Planning
Article by freelance writer Doug Hendrie about his view of NIMBYism promoting sprawl in Australia.
NIMBYism Claiming Southern Highlands Jobs at Historic Berrima Colliery
Press release from the Australian Council of Trade Unions claiming that NIMBY opposition is responsible for the loss of jobs at a mine in the Southern Highlands area of Australia.

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