Coalition of Residents’ Associations Seek Planning Reforms in Vancouver

On October 24, 2013, a coalition representing eighteen community residents’ associations in Vancouver issued a press release requesting changes to the city’s planning process. “The Coalition is working on creating a new development/planning paradigm that will stress community involvement and local influence over land use and zoning decisions,” said spokesperson Jak King.
The press release describes recent community planning processes in Marpole, Grandview-Woodland, the West End and Downtown Eastside as being “failed,” and claims that the residents in these communities have been refused genuine involvement and influence over decision-making.
To read the full press release about the coalition, go to
In related news, on November 4, 2013 the newly formed coalition issued a press release claiming that new residential developments in Vancouver were being approved for construction at a rate far outpacing what is planned in the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy. The group claims that the city is accepting proposals and approving residential construction at a rate five times greater than what it projected was needed in official city policy. To see the full press release, along with a commentary by Vancouver journalist Frances Bula, go to

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