Literature List of NIMBY Scholarly Articles

The research for the Clearinghouse has produced a new list of scholarly literature on the topic of NIMBYism. It contains some of the earliest articles describing the emergence of the so-called NIMBY “phenomenon” and “syndrome”. It also contains literature that criticizes the use of the term NIMBY, as well as articles that provide evidence that the widespread use of the term is inherently counterproductive to understanding the dynamics of local land-use conflicts.
The list also provides references to articles from psychological and sociological publication that can inform our understandings of so-called NIMBY behaviour. This literature investigates concepts of place attachment, place identity, and place disruption, as well a place-protective behaviour.
The list of literature contains references to 172 articles. The list is not meant to be exhaustive, but instead aims to illustrate the broad range of opinions and disagreements related to use of the term. The list was assembled in 2013 by Lisa Richardson and James Beaudreau. Lisa Richardson is an undergraduate student at Griffith University in Queensland. James Beaudreau is a graduate student in the University of British Columbia’s School of Community and Regional Planning.
The reference list is available for download here: NIMBY_Scholarly_Literature_Categorized_Sept_2013 (PDF – 156KB)

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