Brent Toderian on QUIMBY and Urban Density

Brent Toderian

Canadian planner, Brent Toderian, the latest in a long line of Vancouver’s “Visiting Overseas Experts” (VOEs) we often see in Australia, has taken a leaf out of the South Australians’ book (the Adelaide Community Alliance is having a meeting on the subject on 29 April) and copied their term, “QUIMBY”:
For details of their Adelaide QUIMBY event, set down for 29 April, see:
It’s good to see so much emphasis on high-quality housing developments.

Toderian density Australian 13-14 April 2013_edited-1

To read the full article about Toderian’s views on urban density, click here:  Toderian density Australian 13-14 April 2013
Toderian would be doing Australians a favour to emphasise — as well — the strength of community opposition to higher density housing in Vancouver. Things are not as rosy there as one might conclude from listening to him.
Toderian had six years as the City of Vancouver’s “Density King”, as he likes to call himself. He inherited some difficult problems, especially the rushed and ill-considered Eco-Density idea, as this Vancouver article explains: